Boski Roman – Royal identity Mens Unstitched Fabric

Roman Boski – Royal’s identity fabric
A classic heritage boski men fabric by Jeeva Textile, with it’s premium quality and elegant feel. It is an absolute delightful fabric and make your festival event cheerful with your loved one’s.

*Product Detail:
Heavy Fall finish Boski

4.5 Metre Width (1.75 Yards length)

2,100 1,650

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Roman Boski

Royal’s identity classic heritage men’s unstitched fabric by Jeeva Textile. Moreover, with it’s premium quality of fabric. Above all, high tech elegant feel of boski fabric is an absolute delightful fabric. Especially softness in fabric and heavy fall of fabric will enrich your persona.

Moreover, Roman boski fabric by Jeeva textile is an identity of Royal heritage. Regularly, this fabric usually wear or use in middle-Eastern Arab countries in their traditional clothing. In addition in the highness of the Arabs, Roman boski fabric is the most desirable fabric nowadays.

This Royal fabric is not manufactured with silk. Particularly, Roman Boski is a mixture of heavy fall wash n wear and softness of original. Outstanding technique of manufacturing and high quality dying, unstitched fabric is making this fabric exceptional in mens clothing category.

Roman boski is a perfect unique choice of selection for the Eid festival. Above all this fabric will make your festival event cheerful and delightful with your loved one’s to enjoy the most.

*Product Detail:

Heavy Fall finish fabric.

This fabric is not on Silk, Halal to wear.

4.5 Metre Width (1.75 Yards length) in a complete suit.

*Fabric is with 101 Days of Official Warranty:

Colour Got fade of fabric
Fabric got rough.
Bur on Fabric.
Fabric get less or shrieked extra during the wash.

*Usage Instruction:

Do not give direct sun light to the fabric.
Do not wash or use fabric in bleach.
Boski fabric should be wash separately from dark colours.

*Note: Roman boski fabric colour will vary 5% to 10% from actual image of product. Each brand mobile will differ colour of fabric as well. Generally we believe in Customer Satisfaction. In brief we give appropriate and complete information of fabric before the purchase.

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