BOSKI- Royal Identity by JeevaTextiles

Keeping the royalness alive

The modernity of yesterday is the tradition of today, and the modernity of today will be tradition tomorrow’’. We all love a little traditional clothing in our lives once every while that associates us to the past culture and tradition. Many fabrics that were worn in the 20th century is now honored and chosen by many individuals to keep the tradition going. Let’s talk about a very known fabric loved by a lot of individuals to date; Boski. Boski is spun silk, where the cocoon is slit open, the filament is removed in one mass to form a flux. This flux is thoroughly cleaned and processed to make silky threads that are woven together. This beautiful fabric was found in the Punjab cloth market in the late ’70s. With the logo of two horses and was imported from China. Its thickness was categorized by the weight starting from 6 pounds to 10 pounds now a day extend to 12. It was charming fabric with yellowish golden shade which shine elegantly in light. China was the only producer of boski in Asia and sill Chinese boski is best in quality.

How tradition became a fashion in today’s era

Now Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh are also producing silkworm thread on large scale, therefore, adding in the production of boski fabric. Nowadays many variants available in the market of original china boski. like a double camel brand instead of double ghorra two horse. some people mix this original fabric with saudi Arabia and Dubai thick polyester fabric. These Arab Countries cannot produce silk thread which made them limited to the production of original boski cloth. The most Royal kind of Boski is the double ghora boski which is worn on occasions by many men especially in middle eastern countries for events like eid or wedding sherwanis for men. Now the concern of many men arises when we talk about silk that is not permitted in their religion for which many countries stuck with original boski to avoid religious conflicts and meet the needs of different religions.

       People of middle east countries love to wear Original China Boski in weddings, mehndi, barat and walima dresses.Moving on to the Arabic boski which gives you the most elegant look yet a simple go-to cloth for every event, adding a spark in your events. It differentiates you from others, hence making you feel good about yourself.

Go tropical with this tradition

        Boski is best suited for tropical countries because It is lighter, crisper and more body friendly apart from having other sumptuous qualities of normal Silk which brings us to the topic where why it is such a good fit for summers. It makes you feel cool while giving you the exclusive look where you are able to maintain your personality while feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing. 

Although boski might be expensive, buying it from the right place makes it worth the cost after the look you are able to get.  

The cost of boski varies from quality. It could start from PKR 1600 and could go on till PKR 6300 depending on your needs. Let’s keep this tradition going by keeping it alive because after all sticking to culture makes life better!

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