Unstitched Men Suit


Originated from the Indian subcontinent and after independence 1947 with slight changes and alteration as a national attire shalwar kameez has always had a strong foothold in the cultural society of Pakistan especially when it comes to Friday prayers or ceremonial events.

In this duo of two separate pieces together which is matched or contrast together, the shalwar is a style of loose trousers which is spacious at waist and thighs and at the bottom, it is narrowed down and meanwhile, kameez is a typically long shirt or tunic with loose-fitting that have slits at both sides from the waist down.

Shalwar kameez has varied and changed in style for men and women both throughout the decades but has always maintained its originality and is respected through the provinces of the country and also maintains its status internationally. Our national attire is so that anyone can feel comfortable in exploring their traditional persona. This traditional persona exploration often leads to the preference of Peshawari Chappals and Khussa and the richer side of men’s cultural cloths also includes sherwani, long vest, Kandahar or Jinnah cap. 


Jeeva textile takes pride in being the national brand of Pakistan. As a team of patriotic Pakistani, we aim to help and develop the local textile economy of Pakistan by offering an impressive quality of wash and wear unstitched fabric for men and hope to grow in a brand which will serve generations of the future through any and every unique spin of fashion. Jeeva textile to maintain the standard and originality of shalwar kameez is a manufacturer of seasonal fabric which is gladly sent out through all four provinces and its regions. 

Jeeva textile represents a brand of unstitched fabric so you can enjoy your style of embroidery and designs. 



As to speak as a national brand of Pakistan we are also extremely cautious about our customer services. Jeeva textile stands out among national brands for its affordability and an exceptional warranty. Yes! We offer a warranty of 101 days on our fabric and colors for 365days.

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Winter Collection Shalwar Kameez


Pakistan’s national attire ‘shalwar kameez’ has a strong foothold and importance in both ceremonial and casual wear in every season. It can be enjoyed in different fabrics which can be divided into two categories. Natural and artificial fabric. Natural fabric is made up of pure material and is usually heavier in touch whereas artificial fabric is manufactured with two or more materials mixed which is usually lighter in weight, cheaper is wore more casually for home or at rest. 

Jeeva textile as a reputable, growing and affordable brand of Pakistan manufactures the finest quality yarns of fabrics with better quantitative measures. Jeeva Textile offers innovative quality in different types of fabric material which includes the category of both pure and mix material fabric suitable according to your region weather and seasons.



For Jeeva’s winter collection a number of cloth articles have been manufactured in both types of fabrics to suit you no matter what region or province you belong to. The winter collection Shalwar Kameez articles include: 

  • Ajwa, A combination of imported wool and polyester viscose texture introduced in ten warm colors.
  • American wool, made from the best-imported wrinkle-resistant and soft wool and mixture of polyester viscose is available in 7 tender colors. 
  • Karandi, pure cotton fabric with  coarse cloth texture for winters available in 8 pastel colors 
  • British wool, comes with two-tone of wool and wash and wear fabric for winters in five dark colors. 
  • Hotline, pure wash and wear poly-viscose fabric with one-sided stipple design comes in eight different colors. 
  • Admire, by Jeeva textile is a wash and wear fabric which is exceptionally suitable for all provinces.
  •  Adore, is an all topical season wash and wear fabric manufactured on international standards and in eleven colors.



Jeeva Textile maintains customer service and fabric quality throughout the four seasons in Pakistan. Through 365 days of the year, you can avail 101 days of warranty on fabric and colors with fast delivery to your doorstep. 

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Shalwar Kameez Trend

The Gradual Change In Men Fashion: 

Men’s fashion in Pakistan started from “Kurta Pajama” after independence and has been progressing ever since. After the hit of globalization on planet earth, coat pants or shirts and jeans became the informal and formal dress code. Fortunately, the trend of men fashion shows in Pakistan bought back the shalwar kameez as an occasionally worn dress in many styles and fabric choices. Even several politicians have adopted the national attire as a non-verbal performance of their sincerity and patriotism for the country.



 Slowly, shalwar kameez as a national attire made it places among the top and affordable brands stitched and unstitched fabric volumes. Some of the crowned niche brands have been introducing different embodied and simple style shalwar kameez, kurta pajama and even pant pajama.

Pakistan’s national dress not only gives out a sophisticated vibe but also its soft fabric is admired even internationally. Shalwar kameez is a look anyone can rock with class, Prince William and Kate Middleton would approve!



Now, the important discussion is how can men afford the availability of good fabric shalwar kameez with capitalism in the air more than oxygen. This is where Jeeva textile comes in the picture. You might not have heard about us but Jeeva textile is a brand that aims to rise high and successful on national grounds for the sake of our own people. We understand the value of money and offer best unstitched soft, wash and wear fabric for men in terms of quality and money.

Quality and fashion sense is not the only thing Jeeva textile care about as an affordable brand, we are very considerate about our customer’s feedback and convenience. Our specialty is 101 days grantee of soft fabric and impeccable colors. You can have your selected piece from our website right at your doorstep and even check it right away and pay the rider afterward. Our fabrics are worth your style and money, we promise. 

Shalwar kameez is one of the most demanding cloth in Pakistan. It is worn almost on every occasion from Eid to a family gathering. It is a national dress of Pakistan. Every year new style for Shalwar Kameez comes and rock the market. 


In this blog, I will tell you why shopping online shalwar kameez is more convenient and affordable rather than from markets. 



Most of the people hate doing shopping from markets because of crowds especially on any festival, celebration, etc and the other important reasons for doing online shopping is In our busy lives where we hardly get time for ourselves, it’s hard to make time for going to malls and shops to buy clothes. that is why It is very important to shop from an authentic website to save your time and energy. JeevaTextile is one of the leading online shopping stores in Pakistan. Here you will get your favorite fabric of shalwar kameez on your doorstep in one click. Set up your laptop, explore our website and get your clothes with no wastage of energy. 



Don’t have time to buys gifts for your friend? Forget your buddy’s birthday? Now it is no more a problem for you. Because you have found JeevaTextile. Call us at any time to place your order. Our delivery is faster than in any other place. We always provide the best quality product, but in case we sent the wrong or faulted product we provide a 101-Day warranty to our customers. Now there is no excuse of not sending gifts even they live at any corner of Pakistan, We will do everything for you. 



Have happened to you, you bought something and after some time found out the price is less than you have bought. In online shopping, comparing and researching products and their prices is much easier. Before buying you can easily price and can get the best product at the best price.

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Mens Shalwar Kameez


Whether a Pakistani man has to go to a wedding, party, family gathering or any important event, the top choice of his will be Shalwar kameez. It is the ethnic wear of Pakistani Men, not because it is stylish in look but also very comfy and relaxing. Depending on the preference of an individual, it can go with loose fit shalwar and if you are a teen who wants to looks chic then a pair of funky jeans with a kameez is a mind-blowing combo for you. JeevaTextile made it in all fabrics such as khaddar, boski, wash n wear, and cotton in the way that it will give you a royal and attractive look.



An interesting fact about the Men’s Shalwar kameez is it is an all-rounder outfit that means it can go on any occasion. During the Summer, the most demanded fabric for Shalwar kameez is cotton while on the other hand, In winter people prefer khaddar. 


Let’s examine the occasions where it can make you classy and elegant:


  • Casual gathering:  In casual gathering, you can easily put simple and plain black Shalwar kameez and can rock any gathering with your simple and classy look. 


  • Religious Festival: On Religious festivals such as Eid etc no doubt clean white Shalwar kameez with leather khussa would be the best combination to look different and unique among all the people.


  • Wedding: At the wedding who doesn’t want to look different and appealing but for that purpose, you don’t need to waste a lot of money because a white plan Shalwar kameez with waistcoat, watch, and khussa is everything you are looking for. 



Let’s be honest a lot of time happens that we run out of money and become broken, in this situation following the trend becomes a hard job but it is an economical and budget-friendly cloth that can easily be purchased. If you go through our website, you will find varieties of fabric at a very reasonable and reliable price. So give us a chance to style you on the next occasion.

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Tradition is the trademark of any nation. A country’s heritage is worth many treasures. Pakistan’s cultural heritage dates back to the dominance of the Persian language and royals, which was later adopted by us after independence in 1947.


Jeeva textile is an affordable brand line of clothing carefully manufactured with the idea of sophistication and heritage for both formal and informal unstitched men shalwar kameez wear. 

Jeeva textile is progressing to become a fast-growing national brand of Pakistan. We aim to provide quality fabric and service to our customers without a budget breakdown. We work hard and effective to make sure our brand is accessible to every social class in terms of money and comfort. Our specialty is our unique and fast services on national grounds.


Jeeva textile is a collection of pastels to vivid colors to suit each individual’s personality and taste with no compromise of quality. We aim to let you carry your heritage and culture with passion and style in every season and festive which you can get stitched in a variety of wash and wear fabric. We are intending to offer class and comfort respectfully to individuals of each region and beyond.

The color of floral may fade in autumn till spring for regenerating but our brand service can provide you the assurance of long-lasting color stay in every season. Our fabrics are one of the things you will not need to worry about in scorching heat of Karachi or cold breezes of the morning. We offer national attire in breathable, soft cotton, wash and wear collection ranges from traditional fabric to casual lawn, cotton, to festive and informal waistcoat, including latha soft and Egyptian cotton. 

Our fabric category includes:

  •       Roman boski with a combination of soft cotton and heavy fall, enriched with the texture of silk.
  •       Glamour premium provides you a warm and soft attire in winters with breathable fabric.
  •         Guliyan Chambray is a blend of soft and dense cotton manufactured especially for topical season suitability.
  •         Original Double Ghora Boski imported from china is our special masterpiece of pure silk for a luxury experience.
  •         The Grand is our winter collection entry manufactured with international standard quality of the warm and soft fabric.
  •         Karandi fabric maintains its place among unstitched shalwar kameez for men for its unique soft cotton specially manufactured for winters.
  •         Zaffran Goldline is our famous hit for all seasons and been a success for three volumes for its durability.
  •         British Wool is our classic two-tone warm fabric wash and wears for winters of all regions.
  •         Admire is our famous national fabric suitable and admirable for all regions of Pakistan.
  •         Adore another masterpiece of our international standard collection suitable for the topical season throughout all regions.
  •         Le livre is our star product for its durability and suitability through harsh winters and extreme heat.



We offer Jeeva textile’s loyal customers the loyalty they deserve!

Jeeva textile manufacture breathable fabric with long-lasting colors. Moreover, our clothing line is the only affordable brand that offers a warranty of 101 days for your convenience and ease. In a time period of three months and 11 days reach out to us with any complaint and we are more than glad to help you.

We deliver in 2-3 business working days but also care about the bur and shriek fabric on your purchase and promise to exchange it for anywhere in Pakistan. We also offer doorstep check-in for our Karachi customers, in case of any default you can return it right away and reach out to us.


With our classy collection let yourself portray an image of freedom, culture, patriotic sentiments and integrity.

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Shalwar kameez


Fashion trend can be fun right? But what if you don’t have enough money to spend on expensive clothes? Are you looking for a place where you can easily follow the trend while being in budget? Then congratulations you are in the right place. If you go through our website you will find that our fabrics are made while keeping you in the mind. Our fabrics are soft on skin yet rich in material. The brand JeevaTextile is famous for its astonishing variety of good quality fabric that is enough for keeping you in trend. 


JeevaTextile is an optimum choice for every man in Pakistan. Its top-notch quality of the fabric, texture, drape, and style makes it the international standard fabric within range of everyone. Check out the price of our highly-demand fabrics and compare them on your own:


  • Zafran Goldline Wash and wear: 1800 Rs. only
  • Premium Winter Collection Karandi: 2000 Rs. only
  • Grand wash and wear: 1650 Rs. only
  • The Prestige Classic Vol III: 1300 Rs. only
  • Black-Life Style: 1,500- 2,000 Rs.


Class and quality of international standard in such a reliable price is the deal which should not be missed by anyone. 



If you buy an expensive product but it will not last longer then it is nothing much the waste of money. But your shopping experience with JeevaTextile undoubtedly would be worthy. JeevaTextile keen to provide you the most satisfactory and amazing shopping experience. Our fabric has a long durability. We keep our promise and deliver you the high and the best quality product. We provide you a 101-Day warranty in case you get any faulted product.  

Now the choice is yours! 

“Think smarter and shop with JeevaTextile”

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Shalwar Kameez


In Pakistan, No matter from which region or area you belong on Friday, you will see everyone wearing the simple and sophisticated shalwar kameez. On Friday, when all the men wear shalwar kameez and go to offer prayers, it shows the love, unity, brotherhood, and togetherness among them. It is one of the ways to unit the Muslims all around Pakistan. Undoubtedly, there is no better feeling in this world than seeing your Muslim brothers together. 



It can’t be possible that it is Friday and someone is not wearing shalwar kameez. There is nothing more attractive than desi man wearing classy cuffed shalwar kameez, especially on Friday. On Friday the choice of every Muslim man no matter from which state or country he belongs is Shalwar Kameez. It is a symbol of our beautiful culture, tradition, and ritual. Even the foreigners are so attracted by this tradition that they end up buying Shalwar Kameez. A shalwar kameez for men is the perfect combination of sophistication with modernity. It can make you stand out in any crowd. 




Friday is all about wearing traditional and ethnic clothes such as Shalwar Kameez which is being worn from ages. Who denied the fact that white shalwar kameez with waistcoat can make you reach out of the rest. It is the most stylish and elegant choice for men on Friday. As per the fact, you have to wear shalwar kameez every week so the quality of shalwar kameez should be top-level, durable and long-last.  Still, you are confused about where to shop shalwar kameez then have a look at JeevaTextile unstitched men suits collection. Its diverse range of fabric makes it easy for you to choose your next Friday Shalwar Kameez suit.

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Unstitched Shalwar Kameez


A shalwar kameez is the most traditional form of clothing in Pakistan, especially for men. It is worn almost on every occasion from Eid to a family gathering. It is the most highly-demand style of clothing as it is a national dress of Pakistan.

Let me tell you why you should buy unstitched shalwar kameez rather than ready-made.




As per the fact, every person is different from others. Their height, weight, arm, shoulder line, etc is different. Often we have to compromise on size when it comes to ready-made shalwar kameez suits. In some cases, people go for alter but again sometimes alter not fulfill the criteria and the shalwar kameez suit ends up like a mess. But, an unstitched shalwar kameez suit makes it easier for you to stitch a dress is a perfect size and shape. 



Another benefit of an unstitched shalwar kameez suit is, it gives you the opportunity to try something new, you can easily design and cut the suit as per your requirement and personal taste. In ready-made, it is impossible to customize the shalwar kameez suit according to the requirement and choice. 




If you visit any ready-made shalwar kameez shop whether it is branded or ordinary, then you will see how expensive the clothes are. It is almost the double of any unstitched shalwar kameez suit. Unstitched shalwar kameez not only budget-friendly but also a good option for those who want to look different in style from others. At a lesser cost, you can buy luxurious quality fabric and can stitch as you want.  At JeevaTextile, You can get a variety of fabrics for every occasion from casual days to parties such as cotton, boski, khaddar, wash and wear, lawn, etc. 

Now it is your choice what you prefer? Variety or restriction?

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Pakistan is one of the countries that has four season summer, winter, spring and, autumn. The choice of cloth becomes the hardest job in winter. Coolness and harsh wind don’t let us enjoy the style. However, It does not mean Pakistani People cannot wear an elegant dress. In this winter season choose a cloth which is not only warm but comfortable also. In this Winter collection, JeevaTextile is happy to announce that we have brought a masterpiece for you “KARANDI”. Karandi has a unique place among the cotton fabric. Karandi is a warm fabric that you can put on your self in cold days. 


Karandi is another high-quality specialty of JeevaTextile from this winter collection. Our product “Karandi” has been created while keeping you in mind. We are keen to produce something new something different and something which can go all around for everyone that is why we have brought the shades of Karandi that can make you can wear at formal and informal events. Its long durability and flawless appearance will definitely give you a classic look in any event or party. We are committed to being totally different, inventive, daring and distinctive roots.



At JeevaTextile, our obsession with quality leads us to create unique fabric. For JeevaTextile, customers are the first priority, that is why in this winter collection, we have decided to bring Karandi. It is another name of perfection in the world of fabrics. An elegant look with comfortableness has been added to this fabric. It will give you a fancy look which is ideal for winter. The fabric is sure to give warmth in the cold breeze of the season. The color collection of Karandi is perfect, it definitely “catches the eye” fabric. The best part of our product is that It comes with a 101-Day warranty in case of any fault.

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