Soft Cotton

Winter is no more boring

In winter, we become lazy and unstylish. It becomes hard to choose what to wear. Coolness does not allow us to follow the trend and we cover our outfits with the big shawl or jacket, In this situation, standing as fashionable and stylish becomes complicated but just because it is cold, it does not mean to sacrifice your style life and become boring. That’s why this winter, JeevaTextile brings for you the latest Cotton Fabric that will keep you warm but also make you a trendsetter. 

Cotton- The Breathable Fabric

JeevaTextile Cotton Fabric is for all. It is the ideal choice for winter. Clothes are the first way to fight against hypothermia so, it is very important to choose the right fabric that will make you feel comfortable and will not cause any problem.  No fabric that can beat the warmness of the Cotton Fabric. Cotton Fabric is not only durable, long-lasting and hard-wearing but it is also a breathable fabric. JeevaTextile Cotton Fabric is Hypo-allergenic which means it usually does not cause allergic issues or reactions. It is an optimum choice for Fabric allergic person such as wool, etc 

Comfortableness in Winter is no more a problem

If you love comfortable clothes and want to spend your winter in comfortableness and relaxation then JeevaTextile Cotton Fabric is the foremost option for you. Comfortability is the deep-rooted feature and quality of the Cotton Fabric. It is universal yet the most comfortable fabric which provides the breathability between the skin and the clothes. JeevaTextile is different from other brands and they care about their customers that’s why they provide 101 days warranty, in case there is any fault in clothes. Buy a one cotton cloth from JeevaTextile and wear it for years without any problem.


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The color of Everyone

The black color suits everyone and it never goes out of style. Most of the people like this color. Most of the people whether they are going to a party or a casual day out, prefer to wear black Shalwar Kameez. As considered this fact JeevaTextile introduced a wide range of Fabrics in black Shalwar Kameez. This range is full of different pattern and nature. All the fabrics are unique in their own way. Their range of shalwar kameez in Black-Life Style includes Black Boski, Black Cotton, Black Latha Soft Cotton, and Blackwash and wear. Now you can choose your favorite fabric in your favorite color. 

Black Shalwar Kameez- Show Elegance 

JeevaTextile widest range of black shalwar kameez that will make you stand out in the crowd. Their black color associated with power, maturity, formality, elegance, and simplicity. 

JeevaTextile manufactured this range because black not only the favorite color of everyone but it affects the mind and body by boosting the confidence level of appearance. Black Shalwar kameez can be worn in informal as well as in informal events.  You can be a trendsetter by just wearing Black Shalwar kameez all you have to do rolled up your sleeves, wear a wristwatch and here you go! Ready to rock any platform with your cool and classy look. 

Black-Life Style creates Easiness in the selection

Don’t you think wearing black from head to toe is the easiest, chicest and the most decent choice to wear? Black is universal, it suits every skin tone whether it is Asian or fair or tanned, it looks outstanding and attractive. Black color often looks good and professional to wear, it can go easily in a formal or informal event. Widest Black Shalwar Kameez range collection makes your choice of selection easy and convenient. JeevaTextile collection makes the best quality. They provide 101 Day warranty and refund policy in other cities in case of any fault in clothes. 

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Traditional Fabric that Reflects the Art

Khaddar is also known as Khadi. It is a traditional fabric of Pakistan. Khadi is a hand-woven means it is produced on a hand-operated loom. This fabric mainly made of cotton fiber. This fabric is not only popular in Asian countries but now the fabric is gaining worldwide popularity. 

JeevaTextile’s khaddar represents our culture so beautifully in traditional wear. It has a versatile collection of Winters for men in Pakistan, their collection is so beautiful and stylish that it can make you stand out in the crowd. 


Comfortably Chic 

There are so many reasons for which JeevaTextile has received so much popularity, one of major factor is Comfort. This Fabric helps you to keep your body warm in winter. JeevaTextile provides best quality fabric in Karandi and in Bannu Khaddar, This fabric is a combination of style and simplicity. It not only looks but also feels sophisticated.


Khaddar, The Eco-friendly Fibre 

The production of Khaddar is Eco-friendly as its production does not require any electric unit or manufacturing processes. The life duration of JeevaTextile Fabric is promising and very recommended for men for winter clothing.

Shalwar Kameez


Let’s talk about culture, sentiments, patriotism and sincerity to the tradition, the past generations and emotions attached to it.  Wondering why keeping the respecting your culture is important? To be honest it represents you by forming the structure and foundation of our families and our society reinforcing values such as freedom, faith, integrity, a good education, personal responsibility, a strong work ethic, and the value of being selfless. No wonder why every country is proud of its culture and traditions. They help us to grow and develop. They help us to create the future we want to experience. They unite us. They bring us together as a nation.



Now, we wonder how shalwar kameez became our national dress, right? Let’s talk about it. The salwar kameez is believed to have originated from the costumes of the Mughals, who were the Muslim rulers of India. Which is something we should be very proud of? I mean, we were the rulers of the subcontinent at on point for 214 years. Originally the traditional dress of the Punjab region, the shalwar kameez gradually became popular among men and women throughout India. One of the most popular styles of Shalwar Kameez during that era was the Anarkali suit. It was considered to be one of the most opulent forms of the garment in the market. The Anarkali suit is characterized by a long kurta that flares out from under the waistline. It had a lot of rich embroidery work and was always considered synonymous to richness and grandeur. Many Mughal courtesans and members of the Royal family used to wear Anarkali suits because of their strong Persian influence.

Now when Pakistan came into being, it was declared as a symbol to unite Pakistanis as one. 

From 1947 to the present, the shalwar kameez remains an important part of Pakistan but the only thing that differentiates it is fashion adding spice to give Pakistani dresses a new look every wear.



Talking about men, who wear shalwar kameez on every what us, Pakistanis call the desi events, weddings, cultural festivals and not to forget that they wear it Almost every Friday! Pakistani men first wore plain white or off white or black shalwar kameez but with time their fashion needs lead to more colors, light and dark in materials like cotton which by the way is their all-time go-to fabric, then we silk which includes boski, double ghora boski, Arabic boski which is a very traditional dress and cultural, worn in events and festivals. Then we have satin, rayon, polyester, and many other options.

With the evolving fashion needs, the need for trusted fabric is getting much more important. Since the trends of online shopping have changed everything for the consumers, no matter how feasible it sounds, the scam has made it hard for customers to trust products. Now, imagine getting a warranty card of 101 days and a chance to check your products or even an exchange or return policy from a business that values customers this much? Yes, that’s Jeeva textiles for you. With the best quality fabric for every season with maximum customer satisfaction because for us, it’s all about YOU.


Keeping the royalness alive

The modernity of yesterday is the tradition of today, and the modernity of today will be tradition tomorrow’’. We all love a little traditional clothing in our lives once every while that associates us to the past culture and tradition. Many fabrics that were worn in the 20th century is now honored and chosen by many individuals to keep the tradition going. Let’s talk about a very known fabric loved by a lot of individuals to date; Boski. Boski is spun silk, where the cocoon is slit open, the filament is removed in one mass to form a flux. This flux is thoroughly cleaned and processed to make silky threads that are woven together. This beautiful fabric was found in the Punjab cloth market in the late ’70s. With the logo of two horses and was imported from China. Its thickness was categorized by the weight starting from 6 pounds to 10 pounds now a day extend to 12. It was charming fabric with yellowish golden shade which shine elegantly in light. China was the only producer of boski in Asia and sill Chinese boski is best in quality.

How tradition became a fashion in today’s era

Now Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh are also producing silkworm thread on large scale, therefore, adding in the production of boski fabric. Nowadays many variants available in the market of original china boski. like a double camel brand instead of double ghorra two horse. some people mix this original fabric with saudi Arabia and Dubai thick polyester fabric. These Arab Countries cannot produce silk thread which made them limited to the production of original boski cloth. The most Royal kind of Boski is the double ghora boski which is worn on occasions by many men especially in middle eastern countries for events like eid or wedding sherwanis for men. Now the concern of many men arises when we talk about silk that is not permitted in their religion for which many countries stuck with original boski to avoid religious conflicts and meet the needs of different religions.

       People of middle east countries love to wear Original China Boski in weddings, mehndi, barat and walima dresses.Moving on to the Arabic boski which gives you the most elegant look yet a simple go-to cloth for every event, adding a spark in your events. It differentiates you from others, hence making you feel good about yourself.

Go tropical with this tradition

        Boski is best suited for tropical countries because It is lighter, crisper and more body friendly apart from having other sumptuous qualities of normal Silk which brings us to the topic where why it is such a good fit for summers. It makes you feel cool while giving you the exclusive look where you are able to maintain your personality while feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing. 

Although boski might be expensive, buying it from the right place makes it worth the cost after the look you are able to get.  

The cost of boski varies from quality. It could start from PKR 1600 and could go on till PKR 6300 depending on your needs. Let’s keep this tradition going by keeping it alive because after all sticking to culture makes life better!


Cotton lawn fabric is perfectly suited for your apparel needs. An amazing feature of Heritage cotton lawn fabric is that its best for casual and occasional fashion needs letting you flaunt the latest fashion trends while keeping your body cool in summers alongside. Indeed, Our fabric speaks for itself after all we design it to satisfy you.


Fabric Type: 100% Soft pure cotton

Product Type: lawn plain suit

Colors Available: 8 colors, light and dark.

Standard Length of the cloth is 4.5-meter width(1.75 Yards length).

Price: 2,100 Rs. 

*Product is with 101 Days of Warranty 
Colour Got fade
Fabric got roughed
Bur on Fabric
Got less or shrieked extra

*Usage Instruction:
Do not dry in direct sun light
Do not wash or use in bleach
Wash separately from dark colours

Shambry soft cotton blend lawn fabric is finely woven, sheer, very lightweight and ultra soft.  The High quality of chambray soft cotton makes your every penny worth spending on it. It allows you to have a refined yet casual look that is extremely summer-friendly. The fabric is durable and sturdy but simultaneously flows as you move and is soft to the touch which you can wear at formal events giving you a classy look, making you feel great about yourself.


Fabric Type: shambry cotton

Product Type: soft cotton

Colors Available: 11 colors, light and dark.

Standard Length of the cloth is 4.5 meter width(1.75 Yards length).

Price: 2,300 Rs.

*Product is with 101 Days of Warranty 
Colour Got fade
Fabric got roughed
Bur on Fabric
Got less or shrieked extra

*Usage Instruction:
Do not dry in direct sun light
Do not wash or use in bleach
Wash separately from dark colours

*Note:  fabric colour will vary 5% to 10% from actual image of product. Each brand mobile will differ colour of fabric as well. Generally we believe in Customer Satisfaction. In brief we give appropriate and complete information of fabric before the purchase.