Premium Winter Collection Karandi By Jeeva


Pakistan is one of the countries that has four season summer, winter, spring and, autumn. The choice of cloth becomes the hardest job in winter. Coolness and harsh wind don’t let us enjoy the style. However, It does not mean Pakistani People cannot wear an elegant dress. In this winter season choose a cloth which is not only warm but comfortable also. In this Winter collection, JeevaTextile is happy to announce that we have brought a masterpiece for you “KARANDI”. Karandi has a unique place among the cotton fabric. Karandi is a warm fabric that you can put on your self in cold days. 


Karandi is another high-quality specialty of JeevaTextile from this winter collection. Our product “Karandi” has been created while keeping you in mind. We are keen to produce something new something different and something which can go all around for everyone that is why we have brought the shades of Karandi that can make you can wear at formal and informal events. Its long durability and flawless appearance will definitely give you a classic look in any event or party. We are committed to being totally different, inventive, daring and distinctive roots.



At JeevaTextile, our obsession with quality leads us to create unique fabric. For JeevaTextile, customers are the first priority, that is why in this winter collection, we have decided to bring Karandi. It is another name of perfection in the world of fabrics. An elegant look with comfortableness has been added to this fabric. It will give you a fancy look which is ideal for winter. The fabric is sure to give warmth in the cold breeze of the season. The color collection of Karandi is perfect, it definitely “catches the eye” fabric. The best part of our product is that It comes with a 101-Day warranty in case of any fault.

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