Traditional Fabric that Reflects the Art

Khaddar is also known as Khadi. It is a traditional fabric of Pakistan. Khadi is a hand-woven means it is produced on a hand-operated loom. This fabric mainly made of cotton fiber. This fabric is not only popular in Asian countries but now the fabric is gaining worldwide popularity. 

JeevaTextile’s khaddar represents our culture so beautifully in traditional wear. It has a versatile collection of Winters for men in Pakistan, their collection is so beautiful and stylish that it can make you stand out in the crowd. 


Comfortably Chic 

There are so many reasons for which JeevaTextile has received so much popularity, one of major factor is Comfort. This Fabric helps you to keep your body warm in winter. JeevaTextile provides best quality fabric in Karandi and in Bannu Khaddar, This fabric is a combination of style and simplicity. It not only looks but also feels sophisticated.


Khaddar, The Eco-friendly Fibre 

The production of Khaddar is Eco-friendly as its production does not require any electric unit or manufacturing processes. The life duration of JeevaTextile Fabric is promising and very recommended for men for winter clothing.

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