Why JeevaTextiles?

If you are looking for the most elegant range of apparel and clothing, then you are at the right place as we are providing a very diverse clothing range. At jeevatextiles.com you can find anything relating to clothing having the premium quality and at the most affordable and reasonable rates. We ensure the highest level satisfaction of our customers as we value your trust and try the best in power to build and maintain a relationship based on faith. Whether you are looking for casual, formal or party dresses, here we provide a complete and very versatile range so you can enjoy the one-stop shopping experience with utmost satisfaction.

Shopping Made Easy
In our monotonous lives where we hardly get time for ourselves, it’s hard to make time for going to malls and shop something of your choice. Thus, making it easy for you we have provided an entire range of our apparel collection online, and now all you have to do is choose the dresses of your choice, order them and then they will be shipped to your living place or any other place of your choice in no time. You
really don’t have to be like old mainstream ways and rush to the malls and shopping centers when using the tech you have the option of making that purchase sitting on your couch from all over Pakistan so why bother yourself.

We are keen to provide the most promising and satisfactory shopping experience so JeevaTextiles is also giving discount coupons so you can save extra on your purchases using the coupons. Purchasing all sort of apparel from our website is very easy and you can get the order at your doorstep because we’re offering Free Shipping on all Orders.

Diverse Collection
We have a very diverse range of clothing as we strive to provide you everything related to dressing at one place so you don’t have to bother and move places, for every single thing. Out of our immense collection, some of our offerings are as under;

Unstitched Suits
We have a very extensive range of unstitched suits for both men and women, and the best part about JeevaTextiles is that you can find the finest collection at the most reasonable rates. We have most contemporary designs and prints ensuring that here you get whatever you want. Unstitched suits for casual wear and also fancy dresses for celebrations and events are available. Unstitched men suits are
available, and a very trendy and fashionable range is accessible for your convenience.

We have a very fine collection of cotton including the Egyptian cotton and Lattha cotton too. Here, you can easily find a very fine range of unstitched embroidered kurta which is very trendy these days. We provide cotton lawn and wash and wear too. There are some people who prefer buying the unstitched clothes so they can get them stitched according to their own needs and plans so they can find the unstitched suits of their choice here. Unstitched men suits in Pakistan are more preferred by men as choices may vary person to person.

Unstitched Shirts
Besides unstitched suits, JeevaTextiles are also dealing in unstitched shirts which you can get stitched as per your own requirements. We have a very diverse range of options in unstitched shirts like cotton, wash and wear, lawn, khaddar, etc. Latest prints and trendy designs are available for your satisfaction so you can keep your wardrobe up-to- date. Besides women clothing, we provide a very extensive range of unstitched men shirts too as some men prefer getting their shirts stitched in their own ways.

Khaddar is one of our special offerings as it is one of the winter essentials and most sought by men. We have a very versatile collection of khaddar for men in Pakistan for making your winters warm. There are types in khaddar, and JeevaTextiles are providing the premium quality fabric in both karandi khaddar and bannu khaddar as they both are very promising fibers and very recommended for men for winter clothing.

As no dressing is complete without appropriate footwear so along with the apparel, JeevaTextiles are also providing a very diverse range of shoes for both men and women so you can complete all your shopping at one place. Selection of shoes is not a very simple thing as there are trends in shoe fashion industry too. Handmade formal shoes for men in Pakistan are sought by the men for office usage and other formal occasions. Everyone needs a range of shoes as they depend on the type of your clothing. If you are going for a formal dress, then your choice should be dressy shoes, and we have a royal collection for shoes including the Turkish handmade formal shoes which are renowned across the world due to their remarkable quality. Besides this, we also provide an outstanding collection of casual shoes for men in Pakistan. As Turkish footwear is well-known, so we are offering Turkish casual shoes too.

Boski dresses are very common and preferred for special occasions and celebrations thus we have a very comprehensive range for boski dresses to meet your requirements. The fabric, stitching, prints, and designs provided by JeevaTextiles are most contemporary and trendy so to keep your wardrobe up to date. We have a range of boski and our specialties are china boski which is a far preferred choice and also providing double ghora boski which is much sought due to its remarkable features.